Meditation course


After nearly 30 years of meditation and spiritual journey around the world, I found my peace in Hoi An, a little town near the sea, crossed by a river that enchanted all the personnes witch took the time to see her beauty. Between two voyages to my masters in Nepal and India, I will be delighted to initiate you to the technics I’ve learn with them to control my mind and find the calm and the wisdom to live a better life.

On a beach or on a terrace, in a garden, a pagoda or on the boards of a pontoon near the river, discover another look at yourself and others through an introduction to meditation. A simple breathing and visualization methods to soothe the mind but also the body, while improving your ability to concentrate that can be completed by a customized initiation program including yoga, Mahayana Buddhism, energy massage, Pranayama healing technics and even the famous Samyama if your stay and your desires are prolonged! 

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Meditation Seminar & simple techniques of Pranayama (5 days – 10 heures) 
  • Additional courses on demand: Buddhist meditation, introduction to Samyama, energy massage, pranic & crystal healing technics