Lets joy come !



The pleasure, this object of thought that becomes sacred in our societies, yet is the main cause of suffering of human beings. When the simple and profound joy that you feel to be, to observe the beauty of the world, to interact in the moment with it, in the simplicity of the feeling of being alive, become memory, thought, reflection, desire, suffering is never far…

With the desire emerge the feeling of lacking, the need to satisfy, looking for identical repetition. And even when after many efforts we obtain the object or the feeling desired, the disappointment of not to feel the same simple joy and sensation to be with it, in it, of not finding the same strength, the same intensity, leads us to more disappointment, frustration, the need to have more, to have better, while our memory compares, analyses, evaluates…

We are almost all of us slaves of our desires and we do pretend to forget that they are the source of our daily suffering, of our large and small frustrations, of the need to possess to ensure that this pleasure will not go away, that it will be available whenever we want to experience it. As if the object of pleasure escaped impermanence, as if our desire could be satisfied by a renewed sensation endlessly, as if our spirit reacted mechanically to the sensation, whereas that are the memory and thought that expresse it, compare it, judge it, and give it its value.

Our State of mind is a perpetual change, which is not expressed through thought or memory. The joy comes from contentment of the spirit which is embodied in the beauty of the moment, without comparison, without judgment, without value. Joy is a sensation in motion that lives in us now, not the projection of a desire fulfilled in the pleasure.

If we decide to let us go forward with pleasure, to take the risk to suffer lack, frustration or disappointment that accompanies it, we should try at least to do it conscientiously, without hiding our face! And when joy is there in us, as a deep feeling of love that sublime us, let it exist freely, without trying to catch it, to put it in a small box of memory, without intellectualize it or analyse it, without register it in the psychological time of thought which compares and judges.

Joy is something that is lived thru the action to be in the moment. Joy doesn’t need framework nor special knowledge to express itself now, in the peaceful and deep contemplation of love for the world that lives in us, that we are at this moment, without denying nothing of what we are, of the spirit which contemplates, simply fully absorb in existence at the moment.

Lets our joy be free, let us be free to experience it without boundaries, fears or preconceptions. Let us enjoy life and share it every moment that we can… We may be find our way to that universal love we all so deeply need, right now, everywhere.

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