A calm mind to live better every day

Before becoming the Buddha, the yogi Gautama Siddhartha stayed six years in this cave, meditating.

Unlike Asia, most western societies regard the mind and body separately, even if they coexist and interfere constantly with each other. So, after 29 years of meditative practices, enriched by the encounters I have had the chance to do during numerous trips around the spiritual world, it’s in Asia, in the beautiful little town of Hoi An in Vietnam that I decided teaching methods that allowed me to regain my balance and my serenity.

I'm waiting for you to awake the little buddha that every one has inside !

Far from the noise of big cities and the stress of our hectic lives, I invite you to discover some of the techniques I learned from the masters of Tibetan Buddhist tradition – Mahayana – in Nepal, yogis of Varanasi in India and experiences I have traversed both in the East and in the West in these last 30 years.

 As I am a human being, I do not claim to turn you into an experienced yogi within a few hours, but mostly open yourself to a timeless spiritual dimension that can help you better withstand the adversities of everyday life. A training of the mind that goes beyond religions to concentrate – through inspiration, psychology and philosophy of great initiates – into finding a balance and wellness too often sacrificed to demanding life that separates us from our deepest aspirations.

 On a beach or on a terrace, in a garden, a pagoda or on the boards of a pontoon near the river, discover another look at yourself and others through an introduction to meditation. A simple breathing and visualization methods to soothe the mind but also the body, while improving your ability to concentrate that can be completed by a customized initiation program including yoga, Mahayana Buddhism, energy massage, Pranayama healing technics and even the famous Samyama if your stay and your desires are prolonged!

I hope to see you soon in Hoi An !

Kind regards

Thubten Kundrol

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